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上海医疗器械展览会   上海医疗器械展   上海医疗器械展会http://www.bjmedexpo.cn



Shenzhen  Med-link   Electronics Tech  Co.,Ltd . is the leading provider of health management solutions in China, a national Hi-tech enterprise with integration of R & D, production & sales in medical equipment. The company is certified by the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system and with independent intellectual property rights and a number of national patents, we have vital signs measuring equipment & fall down rescue products such as electronic sphygmomanometer, pulse oximeter, blood glucose meter, ECG detector, ear thermometer, fall alarm etc, and are widely used in hospitals, community health centers, village clinics, nursing homes, sanatoriums, medical examination centers, pharmacies and gifts and other industries.


上海医疗器械展 上海医疗器械展览会 2019医疗器械博览会 春季医疗展 上海医博会
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上海医疗器械展 上海医疗器械展览会 2019医疗器械博览会 春季医疗展 上海医博会
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