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 广东和信健康科技有限公司成立于20154月,注册资本4487.175万,位于呼吸疾病国家重点实验室产业化基地,拥有5000平方自主研发 、生产场地,主要从事创新诊断试剂研发及产业化,重点方向为呼吸疾病诊治技术和产品的开发应用。和信致力于依托呼吸疾病国家重点实验室重要资源及公司的创新技术平台,将公司打造成为国内外呼吸疾病诊断技术和产品领域的龙头企业。

Hecin Scientific, Inc. was founded in April 2015 with registered capital of 44.871.75 million, located in the industrial base of the National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease with 5000 square meters of independent research and production eare. Mainly engaged in the research and development of innovative diagnostic reagents and industrialization, especially for the development and application ofrespiratory disease diagnosis and treatment technology. We are committed to relying on the important resources of the National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases and the innovative technology platform of the company to make the company as a leading enterprise in the field of respiratory disease diagnosis technology and products at home and abroad.



 LizenDx Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is held by Hexin Scientific, Inc, which has 2500 square meters R&D laboratory and GMP production workshop including McAb laboratory, small molecule laboratory, reagent R&D center, instrument development laboratory and production workshop.That is to say  LizenDx integrate R&D, production and sales together.

   LizenDx is dedicated to public health, focusing on the development and production of POCT diagnostic reagents and equipment for gynecological, cardiovascular and other diseases.


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